I’m going to make this fairly brief, and hope to keep a more regular schedule with updates. Right now SIBO appears to be what’s affecting me most. My GI dr. hasn’t confirmed the diagnosis with a breath test yet, but many of my symptoms can be attributed to Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth. It’s not the most pleasant prognosis, but I do think hookworm can be a key part of healing the gut lining and the food intolerance that goes with it.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

Here’s my current situation: about 6 weeks ago I was looking with my microscope and found 1 hookworm egg. This is not uncommon to only find one ovum per slide. But in my case I was very diligent and never found another one for a month after. I also had lost my worm benefits. So I’ve since done a 75 hookworm top off dose. It’s an interesting ride, because I’m also fighting a viral flu I got about 3 weeks ago. It’s hard to know which symptoms are virus and which are worm, but I think I can sift through it all and get a decent picture.

Insomnia — hookworm. Low grade fever — virus. Stuffy nose — virus. Tinnitus — hookworm. I’m getting tossed around on the ocean with my old friends. But we’ll make it. Stay tuned for more exciting developments, such as — being able to smell and taste, and eat real food again instead of Vivonex. πŸ™‚