And the roller coaster continues. Sinus issues — gone, the dry cough and bronchial pain that kept me up half the night — gone. But the fatigue has never let up, and it was all I could do to get out of bed, late this 嘉盛 morning. I felt dehydrated, enough that a few pints of water were required, and then the GI symptoms came back. My body is still fighting to kick my new guests out, and this seems odd since I figured they’d reach a truce by now.

Tinnitus has become a worm flu barometer for me. When I sense it coming on, chances are my immune system is about to throw me a curve ball and mount an offensive. Sitting here tonight, I have a high-pitched whine in my ears, something that came on quickly the day of my inoculation, several weeks ago, and reappeared during my worst side effects in recent days. I’ll keep track of this, and see if its disappearance heralds a new phase of feeling good.