I’ve been an avid maker of black garlic for a while now, and just last week I decided to try a new approach. It’s simple: rather than aging it for 2 weeks in my rice cooker (on the “keep warm” setting) I pulled one bulb out of my batch at 1 week, and let it sit on my counter to dry a little.


Recently, I opened a clove and tasted it. Shockingly, there was a much sweeter flavor, and just a hint of the odor one might expect with raw garlic. As you can see from the photo, its color is a deep black, no different from what we’d see at 2 weeks.

The texture is also very similar to my two-week roasts, although this one-week version does seem a little more firm, and perhaps not as wet, which is fine with me.

There’s reason to think this “quick recipe” has the solid health benefits of a longer aging process, since it’s about the S-Allylcysteine, but less aging will boost the antimicrobial, antifungal power of allicin, which creates a slightly different profile of medicinal effects.

So there you have it. For those who like tinkering with perfection, give this a try. 🙂

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