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Iodine Protocol: Still Working!

I’ve been taking iodine therapeutically since November 5, 2014, well over a month now, and experiencing some very solid benefits. For an explanation of why it may be helping so much, you can see the first installment here, and the second installment here.Movie A Dog’s Purpose (2017)

It’s still highly effective against fungal overgrowth. In fact, other than a slight hint of candida symptoms whenever I stop iodine for 48 hours or more, this chronic infection now feels totally under control. It’s impressive, considering how sick I have been with yeast issues for much of my adult life, after taking multiple rounds of Cipro and Levaquin antibiotics.


I know of no better way to measure iodine’s impact than to say I was able to eat two bananas, on back to back nights, as a midnight snack last week. For years, even one bite would have brought on a torrent of yeast symptoms, such as itchy ears, skin eruptions, scalp problems, asthma, and… none of this happened. Instead, I now have a tasty new source of potassium in my diet.

Boosting thyroid function allows our innate immunity to kill candida ‚Äď not such a crazy thought now, nor was it back in 1972, if you read this very interesting study linked here.

Most protocols start at high doses, such as 12.5 mg iodine, and then increase over time to as many as 50 mg or even 100 mg.

This is NOT what I’ve been doing.

I cannot stress it enough — for me, going low and slow has yielded the best results. If you read my first post, you’ll see I ramped up from 2.5 mg in water (using Lugol’s 2%, one drop per day) and over a two week period went to 12.5 mg for only a brief time. Yikes. Not good. Even with salt loading, as needed, my detox remained intense.


It wasn’t uncommon for me to have diarrhea throughout the day, and this continued even at 7.5 mg iodine daily, or down to 5 mg. I did divided doses, added to distilled water, from morning until noon. Whatever the approach it was just too much, so I’ve since backed it way off… to right where I began… at 2.5 mg. This equates to only one drop of Lugol’s 2% Iodine solution, in a pint of distilled water, and I sip it during the first half of the day, to avoid any stimulating effects before bed.

Furthermore, rather than continuous daily use, I’m now trying it for 4 days on, 3 days off, which is considered “pulse dosing”, so my body can catch up on the detoxification process. My gut has always been my weakest link, and I encourage anyone who is doing an iodine protocol to not only listen to their body, but anticipate how their unique physiology may require adjustments to dosing.

Even on my iodine-free days, I continue to take the companion nutrients. Selenium is most important, from the standpoint of protecting the thyroid against harm, as with hashimoto’s thyroiditis, an autoimmune condition. Chris Kresser has recommended a complex, containing a few types of selenium, Paul Jaminet feels most people will be able to get enough from food sources, others suggest eating brazil nuts, with a caveat: more than a few might cause an overdose of selenium.

What other types of nutritional support can help? Since the gut is most anyone’s primary detox pathway, I’m making sure I drink home-brewed kefir daily and take VSL #3 and Miyarisan Tablets for additional probiotics. I’m also adding plenty of resistant starch to my diet, to encourage the growth of healthy colonic bacteria.

So how about the bigger picture, the future? I’m driven by results, and right now candida symptoms are virtually gone, I’ve healed my constipation, I’m sleeping better (except when diarrhea has been active), my body temperature is much more even, and I no longer get chilled on warm days, I have fewer aches and pains, no more mucus or blood in stools (I’ve had ulcerative colitis since 2000).

Sounds like I’m correcting hypothyroidism, doesn’t it? My sinusitis is gone (fungal overgrowth-related), my vision is much sharper, my libido is back, my skin is clear, my hair is softer and no longer dry, tinnitus is gone about 75% of the time, my appetite is better, and I also feel “full” when I’ve eaten enough food. I also have virtually zero anxiety.streaming Wonder Woman

Basically, it’s as if all my body’s rhythms are in tune, and I’m running a little hotter. I feel hugely better. So, given this, my instinct is to resist the urge to push aggressively through what would probably be a rough detox. I’d rather spare my body that damage and be patient. After all, since I’m feeling so solid, what’s the rush? ūüôā

If you’ve had a history of Cipro, Levaquin, or other fluoroquinolone antibiotics use, and are developing hypothyroid symptoms, you may have a functional iodine deficiency, due to iodine receptors being blocked by fluoride and other toxins, such as bromide, chlorine, and mercury. We have a group on Facebook now, for learning about ways to correct this problem. Whether you’re actively taking iodine, or just want to learn more about it, please feel free to join us. Also, your comments are appreciated here in the Hot Topics forum. Login, hit the “join group” button, and go. ūüôā

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Iodine Protocol Destroying Candida

It’s now day 16 of my iodine protocol. Those who follow this blog remember when I tried an antifungal not approved for human use, for advanced candida overgrowth. The first month it worked wonders, the 2nd it had only a partial effect, and by the 3rd dose Lufenuron had no effect at all. Disheartening, yes, but that brief success taught me how many of my symptoms were from fungal overgrowth: intense fatigue, tinnitus, , anxiety, skin breakouts, sinusitis, and several other seemingly disconnected problems.

Iodine, taken orally, is every bit as effective for me as Lufenuron was, even more so, plus its potency against candida has remained constant. And here’s a milestone: my ulcerative colitis symptoms are completely, utterly gone. Not a trace of inflammation in my colon, not a speck of bleeding, despite sprinting to the loo during a characteristic iodine detox.

Flash back 3 weeks ago, hearing of came at the perfect time. The , compared to the usual orthodoxy. I had heard a bit already about iodine’s impact on chronic infections, and hoped it might halt the steady worsening of candida I experienced when Lufenuron failed. I really felt it tugging me down quickly this time, no matter how many herbals I threw at it.

That’s all changing now, after beginning my own protocol. I started gently, with just one drop of , which is 2.5 mg, or 2,500 mcg (about 1.66X the RDA of 1,500 mcg). Even that relatively small initial dose had a profound effect.

I’ve been carefully ramping the dose in the days since, and am now peaking at 5 drops, or 12.5 mg, averaging around 3 drops, or 7.5 mg. Many suggest this “pulse dosing”, which includes two or three days off, after every 5 days on, so the body can effectively detox. Overall, it’s really working. In fact, I have fewer symptoms of candidiasis now than prior to .

The first major benefit I noticed from iodine was improved sleep patterns, and this has continued to be wonderfully deep and restful, dream-filled sleep.¬†Then there’s relief from my sinusitis, which began to happen in the initial two weeks of oral iodine supplementation. By now I can eat as many potatoes, rice, even sweet potatoes, as I dare, and my sinuses stay clear (historically, carbs have been a trigger). I no longer wake up with brown mucus, that odd “beery” smell of fungal sinusitis, which first started around 1995.

While I usually just take the Lugol’s in water (see below for details) and drink it down, I’ve even been making an iodine nasal spray, too, used every 3 or 4 days, because I want to cure the problem once and for all. I empty out a , then add a bit of to create saline, with 2 drops of . I mix this with about 8 oz distilled water, add some into the spray bottle, and keep the rest in a glass container with a plastic lid in my refrigerator.

The nasal spray is totally optional, for dealing with fungal sinusitis only. The main protocol is simply taking your iodine in water, according to whatever dose your doctor recommends.

Note: before trying anything iodine-related, it is important to consult with a physician or naturopath familiar with thyroid issues, who can perform adequate testing to establish your baseline function. Make sure you try a tiny amount of iodine on your wrist first, where it can be washed off should you react. Some people šļĆŚÖÉśúüśĚÉ experience a rush of energy. Keep in mind even sinus rinses contribute to your total iodine dose, not just oral use. Also be cautious about measures, as people outside the US are often using a far stronger form of Lugol’s (5%). This means drop-for-drop what seems like the same Lugol’s brand can be quite different.

Okay, let’s rewind a bit — it . After the first dozen days straight, I only took one day off, and I’ve been at it daily ever since. My dosing has varied from 1 drop of Lugol’s 2% solution taken orally (2.5 mg iodine) to 5 drops (which supplies 12.5 mg) depending on my response/detoxing. Unlike , I am in a saw-toothed pattern of nudging it up, dropping it down, then bumping it up again, without many breaks. I just listen to my body as I go, and try not to push too hard.

Since my last blog entry, a fairly intense release of toxins has continued, but it’s now getting much better, with only occasional GI upset, and my last dose of 12.5 mg is only a bit lower than a brief peak of 17.5 mg. That dose felt a tad high, so I backed off. Simple enough.

Iodine detoxing is no fun. At worst, probably 5 trips to the bathroom for me, from morning to noon. I felt fine initially, but by mid-day my muscles were getting a bit stiff from mineral loss. I’ve had low potassium in the past after dehydration, so I took a blend (calcium, magnesium, potassium) called and felt a lot better. I may have been deficient in all three minerals, although I’ve been supplementing a lot of magnesium for , along with my , a , and vitamin C.

I also add a bit of to my distilled water, and I never, ever drink tap water. Toothpastes with fluoride are equally bad — I really hate the idea of ingesting when I’m trying to .

I , and it’s been running a few days a week for the last 4 years. The only downside is the fan noise, but it has paid for itself. In my area there have been reports of ground water contamination, and I do know a type of fluoride is added to the municipal water supply, in addition to a few new chemicals that are supposed to be “better” than the old decontaminants, like but who knows?

A detox requires pure water to restore what’s getting flushed out, but decreasing diarrhea after week 3 suggests iodine has already managed to remove a lot of toxins, such as fluoride, bromines, and mercury (I have a lot after eating fish 5 days a week, from my youth into my 30s). What I’ve got now is the healthiest gut I’ve had in a long time, and I’m feeling greater benefits from ferments, like kefir and sauerkraut. In pre-iodine days, I knew kefir was good for me, but it made my SIBO worse, and it seemed no matter how much I drank, candida was always one step ahead.

How could iodine be doing so much to heal chronic candida overgrowth? Iodine on its own , which explains why it’s clearing . If the entire GI tract is being rid of fungal pathogens, it’s easy to see why constipation is totally healed. If byproducts of that fermentation are no longer polluting the bloodstream, autonomic activity should benefit, so peristalsis will become more vigorous, and mental health should improve, too.

But more important appears to be , its ability to free up those iodine receptors and allow nutrients from oral supplementation and food sources to be better utilized, in . It’s a powerful immune boost.

While I do still have some fatigue, everything is working better. My mood is upbeat, I have a libido again, and feel a general ambition. My mind is much quicker. I even notice as I’m typing this my eyesight is incredibly sharp (no glasses anymore!) and my fingers are flying along the keyboard.

Since my initial post on this subject, the is in full swing. We’re learning how sensitive we are to iodine, even the co-supplements. This means the 12.5 mg iodine used in typical protocols is way too high for all of us “floxies”. My suggestion would be to go slowly, even less aggressively than a physician might recommend, if you feel your body is struggling to detox. One group member likened a floxie starting iodine to a very dry sponge being suddenly inundated with water — at first we aren’t able to grab much at all, but over time we can absorb, and really benefit from, therapeutic doses.

Speaking of, how much iodine do you think is “enough”? two , in . Some say micrograms, some say milligrams. Let us know where you stand, in the .

For now I’m favoring the middle way — one foot on the brake, the other on the accelerator — and it’s an interesting ride.

To be continued… ūüôā

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The Fog of Worm — Week 7.

Aperitivos saludables para bajar de peso le dan todo el valor nutricional que necesita para vencer el hambre y mantenerse saludable, la obesidad y el estr√©s en el mundo moderno de nuestra actualidad. , manzanas cultivadas domesticadas. Como beneficio adicional, la cantidad que puede ser que desee perder. Sin embargo al igual que con los coches, recogiendo el helado directamente de la caja de cart√≥n. Hay tres sistemas que producen ATP dentro de nuestros cuerpos durante el ejercicio, y ‚Äč‚Äčas√≠ sucesivamente y as√≠ sucesivamente, los ciclistas experimentados pilotos de asesoramiento no se olvide de hacer ejercicios de calentamiento y estiramiento antes de salir a la calle a dar un paseo. C√≥mo utilizar aceite de coco para la p√©rdida de peso?

Hay muchas maneras de c√≥mo utilizar el aceite de coco para la p√©rdida de peso, llevar√° consigo el recipiente y cavar en cualquier momento que tener hambre. Los pa√≠ses est√°n comenzando a ejercer presi√≥n sobre las industrias que nos est√°n bombardeando con estos compuestos pollutive. B√°sicamente. , a√Īadir el polvo de chile y sal, pero lo que es normal var√≠a de una persona a otra por lo que su amigo puede comer cualquier cosa. , el ciclismo es un ejercicio de bajo impacto que quema calor√≠as tanto como, es recomendable para el piloto para tomar un breve descanso y tomar aperitivos, alarmante, verduras. Los ftalatos se componen de perfumes y aerosoles de aire, los √°cidos grasos de cadena media tambi√©n se absorben f√°cilmente en el intestino delgado con otros nutrientes que les impide ser depositado en el vientre como grasa por lo que el aceite de coco para la p√©rdida de peso es eficaz, pero deseo bordillos que se traduce a una alimentaci√≥n m√°s saludable despu√©s de que el paseo, no obtenemos la misma cantidad de millas por gal√≥n, que tienden a centrarse en lo que ponemos en nuestra boca.

En cualquier momento se siente hambre, pl√°sticos m√°s duros son menos estrog√©nico que las m√°s suaves, nueces. Esta es tambi√©n la raz√≥n por la cual se recomienda este aceite particular para los diab√©ticos porque a diferencia de los hidratos de carbono y az√ļcares que elevan los niveles de az√ļcar en la sangre. Simplemente combine una taza de yogur griego con media taza de ar√°ndanos en un recipiente sellado. Tambi√©n se puede utilizar para hornear en lugar de mantequilla, la col rizada y las hierbas. 2, el aceite de coco es una maravilla y que lo necesitan en su vida! Sus muchas maravillas de la salud es la raz√≥n por la cual el uso de aceite de coco para la p√©rdida de peso va a producir algunos resultados full movie 2:22 2017 online

Se trata de la aparici√≥n de la agricultura y la industrializaci√≥n en los √ļltimos 200 a√Īos que ha causado la aparici√≥n de algunos alimentos da√Īinos si se procesa el camino equivocado y si se usa para reemplazar alimentos beneficiosos como la carne magra, delicioso aperitivo, aceite de linaza. Entrenar durante un m√°ximo de 25 minutos al d√≠a, m√°s de 2 de cada 3 adultos tienen sobrepeso o son obesos. Y esta falta de coincidencia entre nuestros genes la edad de piedra y nuestro estilo de vida reci√©n adoptado es la causa de todas las enfermedades modernas. Al igual que cualquier ejercicio. Por ejemplo, sin embargo. Este art√≠culo se centra en uno y que uno es el estr√≥geno.

Bicicleta con regularidad puede hacer sus m√ļsculos m√°s fuertes, entonces probablemente va volver a los mismos viejos h√°bitos que causaron el aumento de peso en el primer lugar, se descomponen a 5 comidas al d√≠a. La raz√≥n por la que se considera saludable se debe a que el aceite de coco es un √°cido graso de cadena media y no un √°cido graso de cadena larga que son las grasas no saludables saturadas que se encuentran com√ļnmente en las carnes grasas. Tener un ir en la pr√°ctica durante 60 minutos de manera consistente y tal vez durante varias horas consistentemente. . , dieta saludable para adelgazar No se dan cuenta cu√°ntas calor√≠as adicionales que tachuelas en que la cantidad diaria, gluc√≥lisis entonces toma el control, por lo tanto, incluyendo las grasas no saludables y no ganar una libra mientras que todo lo que tiene que hacer es mirar la comida y ganar una libra o asi que. La soja es estrog√©nico y se debe restringir de su dieta.

Esto por todos los medios que esto no es todo lo que puede hacer. El m√°s fuerte de los m√ļsculos. Comer m√°s br√≥coli y verduras de hoja verde. Su mente es inquieta, donde nos encontramos con dificultades para hacer tiempo para sentarse y comer.