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How to Keep Your Hookworm Happier

Helminthic therapy, which uses small doses of non-pathogenic helminths such as the Necator Americanus hookworm to modulate immunity and treat inflammatory conditions, is growing in popularity. As more new “hosts” inoculate themselves, many experience incredible healing that prescription drugs couldn’t achieve, and without dangerous side effects..Watch movie online The Transporter Refueled (2015)

However, since staying symptom-free can mean the difference between a happy, productive life or disability, often a helminth host’s most pressing concern is keeping their worms alive and well.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

A hookworm can only survive if it’s able to mask itself from the host’s immune system, and they do this by generating a variety of immune-modulating chemicals. Autoimmune disorders tend to drive strong defenses against foreign invaders. This is precisely how the therapy works, because worms dial back that response (such as with MS) and save the host’s tissues from harm in the process.

In forums such as Helminthic Therapy Support on Facebook, new users often figure out after their first few doses whether they’re going to need reinoculation every few months, or if their body is more worm-friendly and can support a colony through maturity into a worm’s “old age”, which is typically a few years.

But we’re now beginning to realize it isn’t just the host’s innate immunity that affects worm survival. Considering how hookworms co-evolved with humans, they’ve also come to depend on our diets – via the bloodstream – for their nutrition. And what happens if a host is unable to eat a diversity of foods due to intolerances, or has malabsorption from gut inflammation? The result is less nutrient-rich, lower quality “food” for their hookworm.

Does the science bear this out? Here’s a recent study where researchers noted “fortified rice” led to more robust hookworm infections in countries where these helminths are endemic, or part of daily life. And here’s a study using mice where it was found low boron status led to reduced helminth populations in the gut. That caught my attention. Hookworm really thrive with boron.

And you guessed it, I’ve had trouble maintaining my colony. I usually need to redose with at least 30 worms every 6 months to feel my best. Perhaps malnutrition is a key driver of that. I eat the broadest diet I can, but due to gut inflammation and various food intolerances, I must fill in the gaps with supplements.

Recently, because I don’t eat many copper-rich foods  I started adding 4 mg copper daily, with 30 mg zinc. But it wasn’t until I read the study about  hookworm-boosting boron I realized I don’t eat apples, other fruit, or nuts which contain decent amounts of boron. Nearly anyone on a paleo diet that limits these foods might also become deficient.

Boron has some great benefits, such as stronger bones, protection from arthritis, higher testosterone for men, higher estrogen for women, and less candida for everyone – so  6 mg of boron has recently become part of my daily routine. Considering they’ve been with humanity since the dawn of time, happy helminths do know best.

In helminthic therapy forums we hear a few people say “I tried hookworm and they didn’t work for me”. Some are first-timers, others have been at it longer. It’s worth noting the feel-good, immune-related chemicals hookworm emit may also be impacted by our nutritional status, so by optimizing diet and supplements, perhaps we can boost – or ignite – the benefits they provide.

Are you hosting hookworm, or doing other protocols for gut health? Let us know in the comments section.

Uh-oh… Copper Deficiency Mimics Low B-12

It’s been quite a health adventure the last year or more, and you can read a quick update here. I had thought correcting a B-12 deficiency was all I needed to reclaim my health, but things got a bit more complicated.

It turns out copper deficiency can mimic low B-12, with many of the same symptoms of neurodegeneration, fatigue, skin inflammation and joint pain, due to disruption of collagen. I’ve been losing bone mass and developing arthritis – these are also signs of low copper. Here’s a full list of symptoms I’ve had during the last year.

The prevailing naturopathic attitude is we’re all copper toxic, so few of us would believe we could be deficient. Compounding the likelihood in an otherwise healthy population are corporate farming practices. Copper-rich foods simply can’t be grown in depleted soil. And sadly, few doctors ever think of copper deficiency when doing differential diagnosis. I’ve never once had copper levels tested by a physician, despite years of GI problems.

What’s most unsettling – unlike B-12 where there’s a fair amount of lag-time between low serum levels and permanent harm – copper deficiency neurodegeneration often cannot be reversed with supplementation. What does get repaired, eventually, may take months – or even years – of repletion. You can imagine my shock after reading this.


Next, I looked up dietary sources of copper. Due to my food intolerances I wasn’t eating any copper-rich foods. Couple this with years of gut inflammation, malabsorption, and regardless of any testing I might do with my doctor, it was clear I needed to supplement with a modest 2 mg of copper soon, just based on my symptoms and diet.

The proper way to take it is in combination with zinc. Too much zinc will deplete copper, so a proper balance is important. Also worth noting is colloidal silver, if taken orally or by IV, can deplete copper, sometimes with dramatic results. This may have happened with me a few years ago after taking colloidal silver for SIBO.

The good news is a few short days after I started taking 2 mg copper my eyesight was much sharper, mood and cognition improved a bit, and I got a noticeable reduction in fatigue. A week later I increased my dose to 4 mg, plus 30 mg zinc, and noticed less joint pain and stiffness. Shortly thereafter, my skin began feeling less fragile. Perhaps my collagen synthesis has been improving, and I may be correcting an anemia due to this deficiency.

Copper is also essential to keep blood vessels and arteries flexible and strong, which could explain my increased vericose veins and petechiae in the last year. It’s thought most cases of aortic rupture are preventable if people get adequate copper in food.

My face has had a red glow for the last couple of years, in recent months my chest and abdomen, and sometimes even my whole body has, too. This flushing could be due to histamine intolerance, and it’s important to note copper (along with B-6 and vitamin C) is required to create DAO enzyme to break down histamine. Sure enough, one thing I noticed after a few weeks supplementation is I’m no longer flushed from head to toe most of the day. Perhaps eventually I’ll be able to tolerate some higher histamine foods.

Given the risk of nervous system damage from long term deficiency, I decided not to wait for testing before supplementing with safe amounts. My plan is to stay at 4 mg copper daily with 30 mg zinc (which is what healthy people get in a copper-rich diet) until I can schedule hair analysis and serum tests to determine the correct protocol for repletion.

Where I’m still hoping to see improvement is more subtle, which appears to be low dopamine. Given its effect on brain health, copper is required to generate important neurotransmitters. Among other things, low dopamine (key to reward and accomplishment) was probably making it tough to update this blog for the last 16 months. With that said, onward and upward.

How many of us diagnosed and treated for B-12 deficiency are also copper deficient? If any of this sounds familiar, please join us in the comments section, and share your own story.

A Long-overdue GHN Update

Since my last post here, many months ago, I got short term improvement from B-12 shots, but my serum levels were sky high and my doctor suggested I stop the injections. After an initial bounce I crashed, and began to have widespread inflammatory and neuroinflammatory issues. He theorized this may have been triggered by saturation with B-12. My serum B-6 was also quite high, despite never supplementing it.

A methylmalonic acid test was elevated, so after being off it for a few months, I continued to take 2,500 mcg oral B-12 and requested referral to a specialist who could check for genetic issues with methylation, but as my neck and back became more inflamed, and cognitive problems worsened, I was instead sent to a neurologist, who did a full workup: brain MRI, a soft-tissue MRA, hearing tests due to increasing tinnitus, a carotid artery test, and an EEG.

Other than a few white matter brain lesions (no change since a 2008 MRI) which may be congenital, these new tests were inconclusive. While I do have some degenerative changes to my cervical spine, autonomic dysfunction was the neurologist’s primary diagnosis. At this point, my symptoms were growing – you can read a list of them here.

A few weeks later, I saw a neurosurgeon and explained how pressing in various places on my neck, the base of my skull, and near the mastoid process behind my right ear, could often improve my autonomic issues. He pointed out a Chiari Malformation on my brain MRI but said “we don’t operate to fix dysautonomia”, which was yet another blind alley. I’ve yet to see an autonomic specialist for non-surgical treatment of this.

Flushing, at first just a red glow on my face, then eventually from near head to toe, has also been happening for about 14 months. My doctor tested for Carcinoid, and so far results don’t indicate it, which is a relief. Instead this may be related to a  mast cell disorder. I’ve learned certain kinds of flushing, even the rosacea which I have, can be caused by neurological problems.

What’s the root cause? It’s likely multifactoral, but nerve damage from repeated doses of fluoroquinolone antibiotics over the years, like Cipro and Levaquin, likely plays a huge role.  It was after a final dose of Levaquin in 2008 that I developed symptoms of hyperadrenergic POTS – primarily a vagus nerve malfunction – which triggers heat intolerance, trouble handling physical and emotional stress, and orthostatic intolerance.

However, these antibiotics did more than nerve damage, they wrecked my gut flora, and POTS is now thought to be autoimmune.

The best I’ve felt in recent years was while I hosted hookworm (small therapeutic doses) and did fecal transplants. Both of these protocols may boost vagus nerve tone, by lowering inflammation in the gut and boosting signaling from the enteric nervous system back to the brain, the “rest and digest” parasympathetic, which works opposite of “fight or flight” sympathetic.

My doctor suggested I try probiotics and hookworm again because he noted they seemed to help me, so I’ve been taking VSL#3 daily, plus Miyarisan tablets, which contain c. butyricum, and 15 weeks ago I did a dose of 50 necator americanus. While the initial side effects of helminthic therapy were rough, with spikes noted in blood work for eosinophils, I’m now feeling more benefits than allergic response, including no more asthma, healthier sinuses, and a big improvement of ulcerative colitis.

Concurrent with this, I remembered how good I felt one Summer when sunbathing for 15 minutes a day. I’ve had chronically low vitamin D and low testosterone. Sun exposure boosts both. I started laying out at noon each day a few months ago and it has been a great mood lifter. I also find I have better sleep quality when I get my daily 15 minutes. To discuss light therapy, its effect on mood, hormonal production and balancing sleep/wake cycles, join us here on Facebook.

I wanted to cover all the bases, and since sinusitis has been an ongoing problem for me, too, with green mucus indicative of staph colonization, I’ve begun daily rinses, which you can read about here. Two weeks later the mucus is thinning and has no color. I credit both the hookworm treatment and rinses to this recovery. Reducing sinus inflammation has improved anxiety, and my sleep is deeper. There’s a theory sinus inflammation from gram negative sinus flora can generate lipopolysaccharide (a potent inflammatory molecule) which in turn triggers brain inflammation.

Waking in the night gasping for air has been a problem during these last few months, and while I was scheduled for a sleep study I noticed a sudden improvement after a few days of sunbathing. There’s a vitamin D and sleep apnea correlation, mainly with regard to metabolic activity, so it’s possible Sun is good medicine for it. While I still have some brain fog, my mind feels sharper while sunbathing and I’m no longer waking at night. Since obstruction of upper airways can also contribute to apnea, sinus rinses are likely helping, too.

I’ve also been to see an oral surgeon after my dentist thought I could have dental infections contributing to fatigue and cognitive problems, but an oral surgeon did a panoramic x ray and said it looked fine. He noted sinus inflammation and recommended I keep doing my daily rinses.

I feel fortunate testing was able to rule out a lot, but if you see a pattern here, it’s that each protocol has helped a little – yet nothing has totally solved – what first appeared to be symptoms of low B-12. Now, just in the last month, I’m pretty sure I’ve figured out a key factor, and it may be a different deficiency, with very similar presentation.

A Sobering Wake Up Call: B12 Deficiency

Yes, it’s about time for a blog update, but where do I begin? After nearly 20 years of unexplained medical problems, in mid-July I finally crashed.

I’d been getting progressively sicker since a year ago, the summer of 2014. By the new year, 2015, financial problems led to lots of stress, then flares of SIBO. I became bed-bound, with loud tinnitus, insomnia, weight loss, low-grade fevers, and a total lack of appetite. I could no longer work at my job.

I also lost touch with plenty of friends during this time. I can’t say I blame them, as I had become so impaired I didn’t have much to offer. This only compounded the stress.

As you can see from my blog, I’ve tried quite a few treatment protocols over the years, and it seemed everything would work for a while, then I would lose ground and wind up feeling worse than ever. In recent months: iodine, lactoferrin, probiotics – all seemed to hold so much promise, they would initiate healing, then for some unknown reason, those benefits would slip away.

In early July I began waking with hot flashes and flushing, blood pressure spikes, rapid pulse – an intense resurgence of POTS symptoms. However, this time it got worse: my back and neck were both in terrible pain. I had electric zaps in my hands, a metallic taste in my mouth, a sore tongue, and strangely burning, aching feet. Soon after this, frequent spasms began in my lower back, and my groin became numb.

A week or so later, my hair began falling out, my vision became so blurry I could focus on nothing, my nose felt constantly stuffy yet there was no mucus, and I completely lost my sense of smell. My balance was way off, and I found myself stumbling around the house. Next, my skin took on a yellowish hue, and when I went for a dog walk, every step made me feel on the verge of a seizure. Fluorescent lighting had the same effect.

Worst of all, my mind was going. I had huge short term memory lapses, bewildering rages over small annoyances, waves of panic. When spoken to, it took me about 20 seconds to rewind what I’d just heard, otherwise I couldn’t register the meaning of the first few sentences. It was an obvious, accelerating, cognitive decline, and needless to say, pretty terrifying.

I would go visit my doctor, and he was puzzled by everything, but especially confused by the tachycardia. During this time my pulse was usually over 100 at rest. EKG results were normal. Blood work looked generally good.

But it was clear things were getting worse. My eyes looked dull and red, I’m 6 feet tall and now weighed 144 pounds. Yet with no diagnosis, there was no treatment plan, so I really had no idea where things were headed, and my doctor wanted to just continue monitoring my condition while I rested.

One day, due to my increasing back and neck pain, I was doing a search on PubMed for cervical stenosis, for degenerative spinal diseases. In the side bar I saw a study “Dual pathology as a result of spinal stenosis and vitamin B12 deficiency“, and that was it.

The next step was to explore the long list of vitamin B12 deficiency symptoms, realize I had nearly all of them, try taking some B12 (I started with 1 mg a day of this brand),  and for the first few days I felt hugely better.

My vision had been blurry for a few days, and it suddenly sharpened up, colors became richer, and I noticed I could focus both near and far, better than in my teenage years. My breathing was incredibly clear (not a hint of asthma), and my gut motility was perfect. One night I checked my pulse and it was 60.

The pain and numbness in my lower back and groin, plus the pins and needles sensations in hands and feet began improving. My neck felt more stable. Also, the burning hot abdomen and neck I’d been experiencing for years suddenly switched to that cool-to-the-touch (very normal) skin temperature from decades ago, probably because my parasympathetic nervous system was finally working.

My mood continued to get better, including emotions both happy and sad. I’d notice waves of release and relaxation in my body, borne of sentimental thoughts. I began to focus outside myself, to check in on friends again. To be faced with rebuilding all of this is bitter sweet.

And progress is rarely linear. By day 6 I realized that the lozenge form of B12 I started with was probably fine for healthy people but contained mannitol and sorbitol, which created a lot of bloating, so I switched to these capsules without additives. I decided to crush each capsule first, by chewing it, then would park it under my tongue to aid absorption. Chances are my gut isn’t able to pull B12 from my food, although until I get further testing I won’t know for sure the root cause of my deficiency.

Where am I now? I got the methylmalonic acid test results back from my doctor. The reference range is 87 to 318, and my levels were 334, outside the upper limit of normal, indicating (pretty accurately, from what I’ve read) low B12 levels. MMA is neurotoxic, so I do want to see this number drop, and chances are it will come into balance as I continue supplementing B12.

Incidentally, vegetarians are far more likely to be B12 deficient, and since I am a paleo-dieter, who ought to be getting enough B12 from the animal protein in my diet, my doctor never thought to check. Based on my experience, it can happen to anyone, and especially if you have SIBO, or small intestinal bacterial overgrowth, where upper gut flora – migrate up from the colon – and consume our nutrients before we can.

I’m seeing connections to so many other problems that could be B12 deficiency-related. POTS, for example, this study links to adolescents, but maybe it applies to everyone, old and young. Crohn’s disease is a definite risk factor, but SIBO and ulcerative colitis are also related. Anyone who had anesthesia with nitrous oxide can become depleted of B12, and this describes me, also.

I wonder about B12 deficiency and the phenomenon of being “floxed” by fluoroquinolone antibiotics. Do these drugs deplete B12, and would this explain why some of us get really sick from taking them, and others don’t?

Since taking B12 I’ve noticed I can tolerate a lot more foods that used to provoke what felt like candida yeast overgrowth symptoms, and I do know my white count was mysteriously low in recent years. B12 is a critical component for immunity.

Am I feeling confident about the road ahead, and how best to approach healing? Not at all. I plan to see a neurologist to get a clearer picture of how to proceed, but scheduling this will take time. My primary care doctor has been balking at simple questions, such as “how much B12 should I take”, so I’m thinking it’s best to be conservative, and take no more than 1 mg (1,000 mcg) per day. I also know the MTHFR gene mutation could play a role, and I may need to supplement methylfolate, but when I’ve tried taking just 800 mcg I feel worse, so for now that’s on my avoid list.

The most frustrating thing of all is what’s improved and what’s stayed the same. My back and neck pain are getting better. I am seeing sleep improvements, my mood is generally upbeat, asthma is totally gone, my mind is getting sharper (although my memory is not what it was in June).

Unfortunately, while I did experience a burst of energy around days 4 through 6, I crashed shortly thereafter and am feeling heavy fatigue now. I am back to spending most hours of the day in bed, and my ability to focus is greatly diminished. Is this typical for recovery?

I’ve struggled to find information on how most of us respond to supplementation of B12. Not everyone improves, especially when diagnosed late, but of those who do, they often say “give it 2 or 3 months” and I’m now at three weeks.

If you’re interested in flashing forward a year and a half, to see how I’m progressing, you can read about it here. Did you know B-12 and copper deficiencies have similar symptoms? Neither did I.

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